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We can offer training and consulting services in Agile for all levels within your organization. Our training modules are customized based on the organization needs and covers learning objectives from various standard curiculum. We follow the Agile Manifesto while planning course curriculum and conducting trainings.



Are you new to Agile and / or Scrum? This is no problem. Let us know and we will conduct an overview session on Agile and Scrum for you at no cost to you.



Establish yourself in the world of Agile and start getting recognized. Fine tune your knowledge and skill which you have already acquired



You have been an Agile facilitator in your organizations. Now it’s time to the distance. Become an Agile change agent.

Agile Coaching & Consulting

Our Agile Consulting is committed to ensuring our customers satisfaction. We believe in building long term relationship with clients.

Project Management

Beginner's Training

Getting Started with Project Management

Intermediate Training

If you know basics of Project Management

Expert Training

A customize module to become expert

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What participants say about us..

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt several concepts and their application in real life situations. Good involvement and knowledge sharing. Interesting videos were shared which infused “Learn with fun”. Great job done by the trainer. Highly appreciate.

    "Avnish Kumar, PMI-ACP (Pune)"

  • I really appreciate Vineet for conducting such a wonderful session and clarifying so many Agile doubts. I recommend him for future assignments. All the Best.

    "Pranav Deolekar, PM Fundamentals/ AGILE & SCRUM Training"

  • Vineet is a good instructor of Agile and project management. He explains the concepts in a simple way. Everyone can easily understand since he gives live examples.

    "Pavan Kumar Koutarapu, Agile & Scrum Fundamentals (Pune)"

  • This is my second session delivered by Vineet. I like the way he keeps the sessions more interactive & practical

    "Ashish Tadkal, Agile & Scrum Fundamentals (Pune)"

  • Entire SAFe workshop was take-away because through this workshop we can understand the details which help us to clear exam.

    "Bhavin Acharya, SAFe Agilist Certification Program (Pune)"

  • Mind blowing, convincing power, great knowledge these are some of thoughts coming when I think of Mr. Vineet. Workshop simplicity is one of the key to his good workshop

    "Bhaskar Kumar Jha, PMI-ACP Agile Certification Program (Pune)"

  • Good knowledge of Scaled Agile and nicely explained and resolved all queries.

    "Anoop Kumar Nigam, SAFe Agilist"

  • Excellent knowledge and presentation skills. Provided practical tips about implementing agile practices in scaled enterprise environment.

    "Hrishikesh Bhuruguwar, SAFe Agilist"

  • Best part of the workshop is - Vineet is not focussed only on clearing the certification, but he strives hard to make us understand the concepts.

    "Saurabh Kaushal, SAFe Agilist"

  • Excellent engagement skills. Simplified SAFe. Very approachable, handled questions with ease. Fabulous workshop, I was impressed.

    "Audey Dias, SAFe Agilist"

  • Vineet is a very good speaker, presenter and coach. The workshop remained interactive throughout which was very helpful and important.

    "Meenakshi Hardikar, PMI-ACP Agile Certification Program (Pune)"

  • Vineet is a very talented trainer, full of enthusiasm, lots of patience and good humor. Overall the workshop was a big hit and we achieved our goal. Vineet is one of the best facilitators / trainers whom I have come across in the last couple of years.

    "Suresh Sakkuri, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • Vineet is having very good knowledge of Agile and other process / techniques.Also he is a good teacher / coach. He listens everyone's reviews and then responds to the queries.

    "Yogesh Rathi, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • He is simply superb as a trainer. The best Trainer I have seen. Overall, workshop was very good. I really appreciate Vineet's in-depth knowledge, training skills and agile mindset. Thanks so much for delivering this workshop.

    "Shaunak Kolhatkat, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • Vineet has good command over agile. The delivery of knowledge is very good. I am happy that I got knowledge from Vineet. Thanks Vineet.

    "Guru Lingappa, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • Mr. Vineet was excellent as facilitator and it was clear from the workshop that he not only has extensive knowledge on the subject but is a keen agile practitioner. In 8 years of IT experience, this was the most interactive and interesting workshop I have attended. The fact that assessment in the end seemed easy is proof of the same. /p>

    "Amrita Bhatia, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • Vineet is so much energetic. He concluded the training briliantly. No never we felt lazy.

    "Avinash Hivarale, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • Vineet is passionate teacher and has good command on the topic. Overall I have positive opinion. It was nice and knowledge gained will be useful for us as a team in implemnting agile.

    "Sanjeev Sopre, Agile & Scrum Practitioner Workshop"

  • The APM frame work explained by mixing of the scrum process framework and XP. This really helps me a lot to understand how engineering practices fit in scrum framework.

    "Pavan Kumar Koutarapu, PMI-ACP Agile Certification Program (Pune)"

  • Good energy - good command over the topic. Vineet has good command about agile and related domains. His session is like holding a mirror in your face and showing you how agile you really are.

    "Wahad Dhalani, Agile Mindset and Myths"

  • Very agile :). In terms of adapting to how much information does the audience already have, and then adding on top of it. The session delivered perfect value in the twohours. Implemented in a truly agile way.

    "Madhura Nakate, Agile Mindset and Myths"