In today’s VUCA world, we as Change agents are looking for ways to facilitate meaningful change. The Lean Change Agent workshop is designed to help change the way you think about change. With inputs from Change Management, Agile, Organizational Development and HR all wrapped up in Lean Start-Up thinking, this workshop brings a feedback-driven approach to change.

What is Lean Change Management

Alignment: How to use light-weight tools for change readiness, change lift-offs and ongoing facilitation of change

Experiments: How to move away from Change activities and move towards change experiments including good practices for communication, creating alignment and providing status to change sponsors

People: Explore how different people respond to change differently and how you, the change agent, can navigate that complexity

With this workshop you broaden your Change Toolkit and decide which tool to pull out of your toolkit and when.

Someone who wants to enhance their Change Toolkit

Someone who is driving or is part of a Transformation in any industry

Agile Coaches, Consultants, ScrumMasters

Someone who is keen to learn about how to help drive feedback-driven change that is a dire need in the VUCA world today