Now-a-days, all teams are expected to be agile in their delivery. Agile teams are a norm. Teams adopting Agile are often burnt-out and cannot sustain their agility. The sustainability of a team’s agility has got to do a lot with the skills of the coach. The Agile Coach teaches, mentors, and facilitates the teams in agility aspects, and removes the organization barriers impacting the team’s agility in the long run. The “Agile Coaching Certification” course delivers the key agile coaching content, skills and mindsets. It is highly interactive and experiential. This primary objective of this course is to bring about a transformation in the team culture through creating competent and skillful agile coaches.

Agile Coaching mindset, role and responsibilities

Agile Coaching boundaries, agile coaching alliance

Agile Coaching models, tools and techniques to effectively carry out this role

Agile Coach as Professional Agile Coach

Agile Coach as Teacher

Agile Coach as Mentor

Building High Performance Teams

3-days face-to-face training program 

Participants understand and develop the essential professional coaching skills.

Appreciate the differences between the various aspects of Agile Coaching like teaching, facilitating, mentoring and coaching.

Special focus is on the core professional coaching skills like self-awareness, response-ability, servant leadership, active listening, powerful questioning and managing team dysfunctions.

The participants of this workshop will learn various tools and techniques to efficiently coach their agile team, thereby build high performance agile teams.

Scrum Masters

Project Managers

Any Agile practitioner with a minimum 5 years of Agile experience.

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