ScaleUp Private Limited values the loyalty and support of our participants in growing our community. To encourage referrals and reward your commitment, we have instituted the following referral policy:

Referral Reward: Participants who refer our courses to fellow learners will receive a referral reward of 1000 rupees per referral.

Flexible Redemption: The 1000 rupees referral reward can be availed by either the referrer or the referee, providing flexibility in rewarding loyalty.

Crediting Time: The referral reward of 1000 rupees will be credited within 7 working days, subject to terms and conditions as outlined by the management.

Terms and Conditions: The specific terms and conditions governing the referral program will be provided by the management and should be adhered to by both the referrer and referee. These terms and conditions may include eligibility criteria, the duration of the referral program, and other relevant guidelines. For further clarity, feel free to contact us on +91 98509 94515 or write to us at

We believe that this referral policy will not only benefit our participants but also contribute to the growth of our learning community.

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