Agile methods demand high degree of collaboration and self-organization within a team and team-of-teams. A key difference between agile and traditional software development is the adoption of group facilitation techniques by agile practitioners. Agile teams need to possess effective ways of sharing information and making decisions together. Hence facilitation has become a Scrum Master’s or an Agile Coach’s most important responsibility.

“Facilitation” is any activity that makes tasks for others easy. The success of a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach depends a largely on her team facilitation skills. She has to facilitate (and of course, prepare well for) the agile ceremonies like release planning, iteration/ sprint planning, reviews or demo, retrospectives, etc. Agile Coach, as the good team Facilitator, helps the team in achieving collaboration and self-organization.

Hence the success of an Agile team is primarily an outcome of the agile coach’s facilitation skills.


The “Agile Facilitator” workshop provides the information and the practices which Agile Coach or Scrum Master need to build to become good Agile Team Facilitator. The objective of this course is to provide the complete understanding of the purposes behind the Agile ceremonies and the necessary tools and techniques required to facilitate the agile ceremonies. The workshop provides them with an opportunity to understand and conduct the agile ceremonies in the right way that will help the agile teams to achieve high degree of collaboration, self-organization and participatory decision making.

The “Agile Facilitator” workshop may be clubbed with our “Agile Practitioner” workshop for an amazing learning experience for Agile coaches and Scrum Masters. Ideally, this workshop is conducted over approximately 14 hours of instructional activities over the course of three days.

Attending this course makes you earn the required 14 contact hours (PDUs) towards your PMI-ACP® application.

The course outline provided below is a standard, high level outline. This can be further customized based on the specific requirements.

Agile – Key Characteristics

Agile Process Overview

What makes Agile team High-Performing Teams?

The key Agile ceremonies

What is Facilitation

The art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams

Agile Facilitator’s Mindset

Group facilitation tools and techniques

Effectively designing meetings and workshops

Activities for facilitating Agile ceremonies


There will be a mix of explanation, discussions, exercises, quizzes, and role play during the workshop.

In addition, relevant topic related videos will be shown to students for reinforcement of concepts.

At the end of the program, there will be a final assessment mandatory for all participants.