Description :

Agile teams should have cross functional skills; quality is considered as a responsibility of each team member. Developers are usually considered responsible for the quality of the code they develop. In such scenario, team can easily get confused about the role of testers on the team. This workshop will help us to understand the concepts of Agile Testing and what is a role of a tester in Agile team, and how a tester can help to ensure and improve the quality of the software product.

The Agile testing course is a one-day (8 hours) workshop. At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

Understand Agile testing concepts.

New role of tester in Agile teams, different types of testing requirements in agile teams.

Understand the basics of testability and test automation frameworks.

Know about different open source tools available for Agile Testing.

What is Agile Testing?

Agile Testing concept and practices.

Testing role in Agile team.

Unit testing, functional testing, concepts of TDD, BDD, ATDD.

Test automation, tools and frameworks.

Software Developers.

Project Managers.

QA/Test Managers.

QA/Test Leads.

QA/Test Engineers, or

Whoever is interested to know about Agile Testing.