The Professional Scrum Product Owner™-Advanced (PSPO-A) course, endorsed by, is designed for experienced Product Owners seeking to enhance their mastery of Scrum principles and practices in the context of advanced product management challenges. This advanced-level course goes beyond the basics of Scrum and delves deep into the intricacies of product ownership, backlog refinement, value optimization, and stakeholder collaboration.


Why Professional Scrum Product Owner- Advanced (PSPO-A) Certification?

The Professional Scrum Product Owner™- Advanced (PSPO-A) certification offers several compelling reasons for experienced Product Owners to pursue advanced certification:

  • Mastery of Advanced Product Ownership Skills
  • Validation of Expertise
  • Career Advancement
  • Recognition by
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
Overall, PSPO-A certification empowers Product Owners with advanced skills, knowledge, and capabilities to excel in their roles and drive successful product development initiatives aligned with Scrum principles and values. It validates their expertise and commitment to excellence, positioning them as valuable assets to organizations seeking to adopt Scrum practices and achieve business agility.


Ensure that you meet the prerequisites for the PSPO-A certification, which may include prior experience as a Product Owner, completion of basic Scrum training (e.g., PSPO or CSPO), and familiarity with agile product management practices.



Enroll in an accredited PSPO-A course offered by a certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) from The course provides advanced training in Scrum principles, product ownership techniques, backlog refinement, stakeholder collaboration, and more.



After completing the course, you may be required to take the PSPO-A assessment administered by The assessment evaluates your understanding and application of advanced product ownership principles in the context of Scrum. Note that passing the assessment is not always a mandatory requirement for certification.



Upon meeting the certification criteria, you will receive the Professional Scrum Product Owner™-Advanced (PSPO-A) certification from This certification validates your advanced skills and proficiency in agile product ownership, demonstrating your ability to lead complex product development initiatives effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • The PSPO-A course covers advanced product ownership topics such as backlog refinement, value optimization, adaptive product management, stakeholder collaboration, and leadership in Agile product development.

    • PSPO-A certification focuses on advanced-level product ownership skills and practices beyond the basic level covered in the PSPO certification. PSPO-A certification demonstrates mastery of complex product ownership challenges and advanced Scrum principles.

    • To earn PSPO-A certification, candidates must attend a PSPO-A training course, pass the PSPO-A assessment administered by, and demonstrate proficiency in advanced product ownership practices aligned with Scrum principles.

    • PSPO-A certification enhances career prospects, validates expertise in advanced product ownership practices, provides access to exclusive resources and communities, and distinguishes certified professionals as leaders in Agile product management.

    • Yes, PSPO-A certification is recognized globally as a leading credential for experienced Product Owners and Agile professionals seeking to advance their careers and drive successful product development initiatives.

    • PSPO-A certification does not have an expiration date, allowing certified professionals to demonstrate their expertise in advanced product ownership practices indefinitely. However, continuing education and professional development are recommended to stay updated on industry trends and best practices.

    • As a certified PSPO-A professional, you become a member of the community, gaining access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and ongoing support for your professional development journey.

    • No, the Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner™ Certification doesn’t need renewal.

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