The Agile Coaching Masterclass (ICP-ACC) is an experiential learning program with the primary objective to make learners efficient in coaching agile teams. ICP ACC course addresses the complex environments in which the Agile teams work and why coaching becomes a necessity in the context of Agile. The participants of this workshop will get the required knowledge and learn various skills to effectively and efficiently coach their teams in Agile, thereby building high performance teams and becoming change catalysts for organizational development.

Being a practical learning program, Agile coaching certification ICP-ACC is offered with the primary objective of helping you become efficient in coaching agile teams. Agile coach certification training is a recognized course addressing the complex environments in which the agile team works. You, as participants of the workshop for ICP ACC Certification, will get the required knowledge and learn varied skills to coach your teams effectively and efficiently. The Agile Coach certification program will help you build high-performance teams and become a change catalyst for organizational development.

Certified agile coach is a leadership role - the framework agnostic to help organizations select the right agile framework and work.

A professional who has achieved the certification of an agile coach becomes an expert in helping team members get the right mindset – the first step to organizational change. The agile coach also plays a key role in the duration of agile transformations or adoption through supportive hands to teams and individuals adopting the right agile mindset practices. ICP ACP agile coach certification program will be a booster to your career.

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Why Agile Coach?

Agile Coach is a leadership role which is framework agnostic and helps organization choose the right Agile framework.
Mindset change is the first step to organizational change. Agile Coach helps the team members get the right mindset.
Agile Coach plays a very important role during Agile transformations or Agile Adoption by helping teams and individuals adopt the right Agile mindset, practices.

Agile Coaching mindset, role and responsibilities

Agile Coaching boundaries, agile coaching alliance

Agile Coaching models, tools and techniques to effectively carry out this role

Agile Coach as Professional Agile Coach

Agile Coach as Teacher

Agile Coach as Mentor

Building High Performance Teams

ICP ACC training is a 3-days face-to-face OR 4-days Live Virtual Online training program to become a certified agile coach 

Participants understand and develop the essential professional coaching skills.

Appreciate the differences between the various aspects of Agile Coaching like teaching, facilitating, mentoring and coaching.

Special focus is on the core professional coaching skills like self-awareness, response-ability, servant leadership, active listening, powerful questioning and managing team dysfunctions.

The participants of ICP ACC agile coach certification training workshop will learn various tools and techniques to efficiently coach their agile team, thereby build high performance agile teams.

It is the right program for aspiring agile coaches, scrum masters, agile coaches and product owners.

Project managers and team leaders, independent consultants, agile leaders, and organizational change agents are the right professionals to attend Agile coach programs.

You will join ICP-ACC Training - a three days face to face or 4-days Live Virtual Online training program to become a certified agile coach. You, as a participant, will understand and develop essential professional coaching skills. You will be able to learn the essential professional coaching skills with your focus on core professional coaching skills like self-awareness, response-ability, servant-leadership, active listening, powerful questioning, and managing team dysfunctions.

Join the program now, and you will be learning professionally.

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There is no pre-requisite for attending the Agile Coaching certification workshop. But meeting one of the following criteria will be beneficial: * Prior experience in working in Agile environment, Or * Prior experience in the role of Scrum Master or Agile Coach, Or * At least one Agile certification like PMI-ACP®, PSM®, CSM®, CSP®, SAFe® Agilist, etc.

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Aspiring Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Independent Consultants, Agile Leaders, Organizational Change Agents

The accreditation body is ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile). The certification issued is ICP-ACC (ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching). ICP-ACC is the most recognized Agile Coaching credential globally.

There is no written exam to get the certification, but the participants need to actively participate in the workshop through the activities, role-plays, case-studies, Q&A and presentations. There will be lots of practical insights and hands-on activities during the workshop.

Yes, course fee includes exam fee.

In case you are in India, online payment can be made using Netbanking, Debit card / VISA / MASTERCARD/ VISA-ELECTRON/ AMERICAN EXCESS cards .International students can make payment using paypal and credit card. We also have an NEFT facility. You can have a look at the details on the website.

The ICP ACC certification has life-time validity. No renewal is required.

Currently ICP-ACC is an online live virtual class (LVC). There will be a mix of explanation, discussions, exercises, quizzes, and role plays during the workshop. In addition, relevant topic related videos will be shown to students for reinforcement of concepts.

Yes, we provide reference material and participants workbook in electronic format for Agile Coach Online training. For classroom training, we provide hard copy of reference material and participants workbook.

You can claim 24 Leadership PDUs (PMI), and 24 Cat-B SEUs (Scrum Alliance)

Our faculty can be contacted via emails ([email protected]), phone (+919850994515) and we are available on whatsapp (+919850994515) as well.

You can contact our faculty, we will take full accountability to clarify your queries or make all concepts clear.