In the realm of Scrum, the role of Professional Scrum Masters is pivotal. These masters are not just facilitators; they are the driving force behind successful Scrum deployment. Their deep understanding of Scrum Values and practices is crucial for steering teams toward efficiency and innovation. As the demand for qualified Scrum Masters rises, the need for comprehensive training becomes evident. This is where the Professional Scrum Master Course, or PSM I, enters the scene

How does Professional Scrum Master (PSM-I) as a course add value to your learnings?

The benefits are manifold. To start with, Scrum as a framework can be used for existing businesses and emerging businesses, what we now call startups. The cherry on the cake is you can do this training online or in Mumbai, which includes two days of interactive sessions. Expand your skillset and grow your network while you optimize your business strategies.

Effective growth strategies for startups:

Developed by Scrum.Org and co-creator Ken Schwaber, the Professional Scrum Master Course (PSM I) stands as the market-leading training program. It doesn't merely scratch the surface; it delves into the empirical process control theory that underpins the Scrum Framework. This course equips scrum masters with the acumen they need to excel in their role, fostering a deep understanding of Scrum's principles and the Scrum Master's responsibilities within the framework.

Empowering Scrum Master's for Business optimization:

The Professional Scrum Master Course (PSM I) isn't just about theory; it's a journey towards practical excellence. It goes beyond the basics and covers advanced concepts such as servant-leadership and behavioral modifications. These are the attributes that set apart a successful and competent Scrum Master from the rest. With a focus on empirical process control theory, the course aligns perfectly with growth strategies aimed at optimizing business performance.

In two days of power-packed sessions in Mumbai and counter-parts, deep dive into Scrum concepts.

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2-days face-to-face in Mumbai / Live Online training program 

One FREE attempt of PSM I assessment, of value $150.

Another attempt of PSM I ($150) at no additional cost if the first attempt is made within 14 days after the class AND if the participant doesn't pass in the first attempt

$100 discount (40%) on PSM II assessment

Participants can claim 14 SEUs and/or PDUs towards their Scrum Alliance and PMI certificate renewal.

PSM I certification program or Professional Scrum Master 1 Certification program in Mumbai is an ideal option for:

Project Managers and Team Leaders

Independent Consultants

Agile Leaders and Organizational Change Agents

Current and Aspiring Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

A Person Who Leads and Coaching Teams toward Increased Effectiveness

Professional Scrum Master PSM I Certification Process Steps

    Participants need to attend the two days Professional Scrum Master PSM 1 Certification training by a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) in Mumbai or attend Live Virtual Class.
    After completion of the PSM training, the trainer will upload participant's information in
    Participants will then receive the first exam password to take the PSM I assessment.
    Participants will have upto 14 days to give the first attempt of PSM I assessment.
    If participants do not clear the PSM-I assessment in first attempt (given within 14 days), they will receive second attempt password for PSM I assessment. There is no end date for the second attempt.
    After clearing the exam, participants will be able to download their PSM I certificate from

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Be anywhere in the globe or attend locally in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Ahemdabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Chandigarh.

The PSM I certification is accredited by, a body dedicated to helping people and teams in solving complex problems.

Unlocking the path to becoming a certified Professional Scrum Master™ is now within reach, thanks to institutions offering this coveted certification at exceptionally competitive rates. Your journey towards PSM I certification emphasizes not only affordability but also the importance of patience and a meticulous thought process.

Enrolling in the Professional Scrum Master™ course and achieving certification opens up a realm of fresh possibilities for your professional journey.
Key advantages include:
~ Attaining the esteemed designation of an industry-recognized Professional Scrum Master™. Gaining noteworthy acclaim across the business landscape.
~ Empowering yourself to lead projects demanding expertise in SCRUM management.
~ Enhancing your skill marketability, leading to improved negotiations for benefits, whether in your current role or future endeavors.

• Fundamentals of Scrum Methodology:Attain a comprehensive grasp of Scrum theory and its underlying principles.
• Mastering the Definition of DONE: Delve into the intricate nuances of the Definition of Done within the Scrum framework.
• Implementing Scrum in Organizational Context: Acquire the proficiency to seamlessly integrate Scrum within organizational dynamics, fostering effective utilization.
• Unveiling the Scrum Master Role: Gain valuable insights into the domain of servant-leadership, comprehending the pivotal role of a Scrum Master, both within Scrum Teams and among various stakeholders.

• Current and aspiring Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches
• Anyone leading and coaching teams toward increased effectiveness
• Project Managers and Team Leaders
• Independent Consultants
• Agile Leaders
• Organizational Change Agents

No, the Professional Scrum Master™ Certification doesn’t need renewal.

Follow the steps to Enroll for the course:
● Enroll for the course.
● Pay the training fee, which is inclusive of the exam fee.
● After the successful completion of the course, participants will receive first attempt password to attend the PSM I assessment.
● If the participants take the assessment within 14 days (of receiving the first attempt password email from, and scores less than 85%, they are entitled to the 2nd attempt at no cost.

Once you are a certified Professional Scrum Master™, your career will take a turn in an extensively desirable way. Apart from being a mentor to other teams and companies, explore below some other roles that are open to a Professional Scrum Master™.
● Information Technology (IT) Consultant
● Agile Coach
● Agile Consultant
● Transformation Agent
● Change Agent

Two Attempts. All participants completing the courses will receive a password to attempt the first assessment. The class participants who attempt the assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. For more information, please speak to our support executive by writing to [email protected]

Unlike other certifications, certificates are lifelong and do not require any additional payments or renewals.

There are no specific prerequisites for attending this training or attempting the exam. The only requirement is an openness to learn a new paradigm.

• Currently PSM is an online live virtual class (LVC).
• There will be a mix of explanation, discussions, exercises, and case studies during the workshop.

PSM certification cost includes:
• One FREE attempt of PSM I assessment, of value $150.
• Another FREE attempt of PSM I ($150) if the first attempt is made within 14 days after the class AND if the participant doesn't pass in the first attempt
• $100 discount (40%) on PSM II assessment
• Course reference guide as soft copy
• Additionally, participants can claim 14 SEUs and/or PDUs towards their Scrum Alliance and PMI certificate renewal.

Professional Master Certification is an online exam that you can attempt from anywhere provided you have a laptop/mobile/tablet and good internet connection.

PSM-I is a 60 mins exam. There are 80 multiple choice, multiple answer and True/False questions.

Passing score is 85%

For Professional Scrum Master 1 Certification, you can claim 14 Leadership PDUs (PMI), and 14 Cat-B SEUs (Scrum Alliance)

Distinguishing and the Scrum Alliance: Two Distinct Pathways and the Scrum Alliance stand apart as distinct entities, each guided by its unique leadership, mission, focus, and methodology. The disparities become evident in our array of courses and certifications.'s Approach: PSM I Certification Path: Embark on a journey that doesn't mandate workshop attendance; the focus rests on successful assessment completion. PSM I certification remains independent of the course, freeing up your learning experience. PSM I and PSM II Assessments: Neither of these assessments obliges participation in a class, granting flexibility and accessibility. Timeless Credentials: Our certifications stay with you for a lifetime, eliminating any need for recurring fees or renewals.

Scrum Alliance's Perspective: CSM Certification Route: Embrace a process wherein attendance in a Scrum Alliance course precedes the "exam" phase, culminating in CSM exam success. Certification Validity: CSM certification holds its validity for two years, post which renewal requires a nominal fee of 100 USD.

Choose your path wisely, guided by the nuances that align with your learning journey and professional aspirations.

Yes, we do offer team / group discounts. Call us on 9850994515 for more details.

For Professional Scrum Master 1 Certification, our faculty can be contacted via emails ([email protected]), phone (+919850994515) and we are available on whatsapp (+919850994515) as well.